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Free Chess Videos

One interesting way to learn about chess is to watch instructional chess videos. The advantages are many, including the ability to pause when an especially interesting chess position arises, or to rewind if a new chess strategy is being explained. Chess videos cover many topics, from illustrating famous chess games to exploring chess endgame theory. Below you'll find a sample of the many chess video lessons available, and you can find chess video lessons on ChessCentral's channel at YouTube. You only need to sit back, relax and enjoy!

The Lucena Position
Here we find an excellent explanation of a basic but important Rook endgame, the Lucena Position. White has an extra pawn and the Black King is cut off from approaching it by the White Rook - yet the win is not so easy! This chess position is one of the keys to chess endings and must be learned.

Petrosian-Stean, Moscow 1975
Another popular class of chess videos is the presentation of interesting and instructive chess hames. Here IM Andrew Martin comments on the game Tigran Petrosian vs. Michael Stean, Moscow 1975. Petrosian is allowed to occupy the chess board center and soon launches a strong attack on the Black King.

Bobby Fischer Interview
A great number of historical chess videos have been preserved. Below is Bobby Fischer on the Dick Cavett Show in the summer of 1971, discussing his approach to the game of chess - including the famous remark about breaking his opponent's ego. Bobby Fischer at the peak of his chess career!

The Petroff Defense
Chess Openings are often examined in chess videos, and often detailed chess opening theory can be found. Here you'll find three of the most common variations seen in the Petrov Defense chess opening, a solid way for Black to meet the King's Pawn opening by White.

Attacking the King
As with chess openings, the subject of chess tactics can be explored by means of chess video. In the following lecture FM Valeri Lilov explains how to conduct an attack against the castled King of the opponent, and how to arrange the chess pieces so that attacks are successful.

Chess on DVD
Chess movies on DVD offer a painless way to learn chess. After all, what could be simpler than turning on the TV and watching a Grandmaster teach chess opening theory? With chess video DVDs you can start out in chess the easy way, whether a beginner at chess or an advanced chess player. Here's a perfect way to get chess lessons from top players - from chess strategy and chess tactics to endings in chess - all from the comfort of your favorite chair. Chess DVDs are for anyone looking to improve his chess game! Click here to browse our chess DVD catalog.