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At ChessCentral you'll find new and interesting chess downloads and e-book titles released regularly. Begin building your own digital chess library of high-quality e-books and chess articles today, and be sure to check out this page for our growing list of chess downloads and e-books. Now chess opening manuals, chess tournament books, even past classics by famous chess Grandmasters can be presented with fully integrated text and graphics - order and download immediately in .cbv format. Download the first chess article below (VictorVision Issue #4) to see what's possible with chess software programs today! These electronic chess books require ChessBase 6.0 or higher, Fritz, or ChessBase Light which can be downloaded free at ChessBase. The majority of chess e-books presented here are in .pdf format, so there's something for every chess player - enjoy!

VictorVision Issue #4
ICCF International Master Victor Charushin celebrates the 150th anniversary of M.I. Chigorin's birth with a look at the Steinitz-Chigorin wire match. Included is achess article called "The Beauty Prize in Chess" written by Chigorin - all in ChessBase format. As a ChessCentral Member you can enjoy several insallments of VictorVision, a view of chess unlike any other. Click here to join!

Chess Strategy, Master Secrets
Geared toward the intermediate chess player, this fine chess e-book explains how to play a reliable and aggressive chess opening system. In addition, get coverage of the various phases in a game of chess, such as basic chess endings and how to attack in chess. Many thanks to Chess Solutions for providing this terrific information.

Chess Strategy for Beginnners
Aimed at the beginning chess player, you can download this chess e-book to learn how to play chess - everything from the rules of chess to chess strategy and tactics. You'll learn how to set up the chess board, what chess openings to play, the value of each chess piece, chess endgame strategy and much more! Many thanks to Wisconsin Votack for sharing this chess learning tool.

Off the Wall Chess Trivia
This chess e-book by Bill Wall is jammed with tons of little-known facts, historical gems, and amazing stories - all you could possibly think of that defines chess. ZDNet and CNET have given Off the Wall Chess Trivia a 5 star rating with countless thousands of downloads! Whether you are a chess enthusiast or just a dabbler, you will be delighted, amazed and amused by this valuable chess resource.

Maelzel's Chess Player
Edgar Allan Poe on chess! But you probably know Maelzel's Chess-Player by another name - The Turk. Our presentation of this classic has been enhanced in ways undreamt of by Edgar Allan Poe. For starters, the original magazine was strictly limited in space, offering only one or two crude drawings and a few truncated footnotes. Here the reader will find many high-quality graphics tastefully inserted, along with articles, letters, and exhibits within the document to elaborate Poe's original citation.

Art of War Excerpt
Sun Tzu's famous Art of War is more than just a how-to guide on military strategy. It's a book of philosophy about the nature of conflict. That's why there have been many versions published in the last decade or so which relate Sun Tzu's principles to all areas of interpersonal conflict: sports, finance, and even chess. If you want to be a winner, you have to know how to win - and it all starts inside of you. Click here for the full version of Art of War.

The Manual of Chess
Here is a chess book directed at beginners, written in 1864 by Charles Kenny, containing "the elementary principles of the game; illustrated with numerous diagrams, recent games, and original problems." Those new to the game of chess will find here everything from the rules of chess play to a brief survey of the chess openings, along with endgame theory and a selection of actual games. A complete manual for new chess players almost 150 years old!

Recommended Chess E-Books
The best way to learn about chess e-books is to simply try one, and a chess player can hardly do better than Henry Bird's Chess Masterpieces. This collection of chess games is superb, with just enough commentary to get the student thinking on his own. Another excellent starting place is the Capablanca - Lasker match of 1921, with notes by Capablanca himself - a gem belonging in every chess library. Click here for complete information, and here for details on Chess Masterpieces. These volumes are inexpensive and full of chess wisdom, offering a great way to discover chess e-books.