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Chess E-Book Samples

ChessCentral offers an expanding collection of Everyman chess e-book sample chapters, so you can try before you buy. Many great chess book titles from Everyman are now available as e-books; order and download immediately in .cbv format. These electronic chess books require ChessBase 6.0 or higher, Fritz, or ChessBase Light which can be downloaded free at ChessBase. Chess e-books are growing fast in popularity, so click here to see our complete list of Everyman chess e-book titles.

Dangerous Weapons: The Nimzo-Indian Chess E-book
In this chess ebook, the authors team up to examine one of the most popular and respected chess openings at all levels: the Nimzo-Indian Defense. The authors choose an original approach, concentrating on little explored lines - so beef up your chess game!

Dangerous Weapons: The Sicilian Chess Opening E-Book
In this new chess opening e-book, the authors team up to investigate by far the most popular and widely-played chess opening, the Sicilian Defense. But they do so in a revolutionary way - many of their carefully chosen chess opening weapons are innovative, visually shocking, and tricky.

Dealing with 1.d4 Deviations Chess Opening E-Book
This book fills an enormous void in chess literature. There are a countless number of players who are very happy to defend the Black side of the Queen's Gambit, etc. But what if White avoids main lines by playing the Trompowsky, Torre, Blackmar-Diemer, Stonewall or Colle? Learn how to fighting these "problem chess openings" with this e-book.

Gambiteer I: A Hard-hitting Chess Opening Repertoire for White
Nigel Davies produces a complete opening repertoire which is certainly not for the faint-hearted: uncompromising and wild attacking ideas. All of the opening lines Davies advocates in this book lead to positions of open warfare, where sharp, tactical play completely dominates dreary positional subtleties.

Gambiteer II: A Hard-hitting Chess Opening Repertoire for Black
Nigel Davies produces an ambitious and uncompromising repertoire for Black. His two main choices are the Albin Counter Gambit and the Schliemann Gambit. As gambits go they are the pick of the crop, having been tried and tested by some of the world's most inventive players. All of the opening lines Davies advocates lead to positions of open warfare, where sharp, tactical play completely dominates dreary, positional subtleties.

It's Your Move, Chess E-book
This book provides the reader with a wide selection of chess puzzles to solve. However, unlike other books of the "White to play and mate in three" variety, this chess e-book simulates real game scenarios, offering readers a choice of tempting alternatives chess moves and requiring them to pick the best.

It's Your Move Improvers, Chess E-book
Chris Ward invites readers to solve a selection of carefully chosen chess puzzles. In this, the second book in the "It's Your Move" series, the positions are aimed at improving players, specifically the low level club players who are looking to hone their chess skills in order to climb further up the ladder of success. An excellent chess training e-book!

Improve Your Opening Play, Chess E-book
Grandmaster Chris Ward explains the important ideas behind every major chess opening. He emphasises the need to understand the key chess strategy behind each opening rather than simply memorize a series of complicated chess variations which leave you stranded if the opponent varies from the expected route.

Play 1.e4 e5: A Complete Chess Opening Repertoire for Black
There is no doubt that playing the Open Game in chess is one of Black's most reliable and yet aggressive ways of meeting White's favorite chess opening move, 1.e4. The author gives a complete system of defense based on 1...e5 for Black.

Play the Caro-Kann: A Complete Chess Opening Repertoire vs. 1.e4
International Master Jovanka Houska presents the reader with a concise and trustworthy chess opening repertoire for the Black pieces within the Caro-Kann, providing a solid solution against all of White's main options, and illustrating efficient methods to deal with tricky sidelines of this interesting chess opening.

Chess Database Software
Most chess players discover that e-books for download are a great way to quickly learn anything from chess openings to chess strategy and tactics - even chess biographies are available to download! If you enjoy chess e-books and chess game collection then you'll want to consider the ChessBase Starter Package, which is the world standard for chess database management software programs. See this page for complete features.